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Frost Troll Audition Frost Troll Audition

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That sounded awesome dude, those roars especially. I don't think you'd have any troubles finding some terrifying monsters, or gossiping ones, to voice in any upcoming projects. You've got some great quality too, occasional quiet sounds here and there but I think those are supposed to be there, who knows.

Not trying to kiss ass here, I just can't think of any immediate criticism. Sounds good, keep it up.

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Syrupmasterz responds:

I think in the realm of monster voices, it's difficult to find a specific criticism.

Critiques about the quality of the mic, noise removal or other technical stuff are easy to discern on pretty much any piece of voice work. Once you get to more grumbly and frightening voices however, it comes down to whether or not the person sounded like a monster; which is subjective.

It's a tiny bit tricky to point out delivery or emphasis errors when the line is simply "RAAUUGH!". :P

I still appreciate the kind words though. :)